Private Labelling

Private Label Skincare

Sell our products as your own without doing the manufacturing.

Leaf Juice Skincare can help create that special product you’ve been looking for. Send us your ideas and let us get to work for you. All products are made in a government-accredited laboratory under the highest standards.

Private Labelling

Private Label Skincare Manufacturing

Sell our products as your own without doing the manufacturing.

Your clients come to you because they trust you and putting your brand name on a label or service not only puts your brand out there, it further enhances your reputation as a trusted industry player.

Private Labelling helps you increase the scope of your current offerings and if you can offer more products and services, you’ll be able to attract the attention of more customers. It’s easy to get started, just follow the steps below.

Leeaf Juice Skincare - Plastic Free

Our Pledge to You

Since our start, creating zero-waste and earth-friendly products was important to us. At the start of 2020, we pledged to start eliminating plastic bottles from our product line.

After one year we can report that we have eliminated 80%. We have resorted to refillable tins, aluminium and glass bottles as well as paper and wax paper wrappers. We hope one day to be entirely plastic-free. The industry still has some catching up to do before we reach this stage, but thanks to conscientious consumers like yourself, manufacturers will need to change faster.

Together we can support this effort and move forward towards a plastic-free planet.

Private Labelling

Smell, feel, touch and try before you buy

The best salesperson is one who believes in the product so please test and try them on yourself first. Order the products you think you might be interested in and learn more about the ingredients from our online shop. All our products are sulfate-free with no parabens.

Shampoo Bottle Marshmallow Root

How to get started

Browse our wholesale catalogue and select your products.

Consult with our team to talk about your brand design and strategy.

Make payment – you can stock your new store for as little as 4,500,000 IDR

We begin making your products, updating you throughout the process

Your order is shipped and you begin to sell

NOTE: Small orders tend to be expensive to ship, so we suggest you think big.

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