Stop Shipping Water is a Movement

We are starting a movement called Stop Shipping Water because good planets are hard to find, and we like this one.

A Polish Guy Walks into a Bar

This is an important part of the Leaf Juice Skincare story.

“A Polish Guy Walks into a skincare shop and changes the world.”

Seriously, a Polish man walked into my retail store in Bali and wanted to buy shampoo, body wash and a bunch of other liquid soaps. 

After I explained that he selected the worst possible products for shipping overseas because each bottle weighs half a kilo just from the water content, he looked me right in the eye and said “Well, do something about it!” 

I smiled trying to be polite, not grasping his cheeky words of wisdom at the time. An hour later we received a batch of shampoo bars delivered from the lab and that’s when I connected the dots. 

Why are we shipping water around the world? Why can’t people add the water at home? Why had no one else done this before? 

The mission was clear. We can save the planet, make great products and be different from every other company. 

So we did something about it and we now have a line of People and Planet-Friendly Skincare products that don’t require shipping water from one part of our planet to another. 

Let’s face it, people say they want to be eco-friendly, but we all know that the big brands make it easy to buy skincare products with ingredients that are bad for your skin with an “environmentally friendly” label.

And the eco-friendly brands tend to preach a bit too much about the quality of the skincare ingredients – or the socially acceptable benefits – and are not brand-conscious enough to realise the product packaging is desirable in and of itself (us included).

Our goal is to help consumers and manufacturers help the environment by making “just add water” skincare products desirable – not make them feel guilty or jump through hoops.

Ridding the world of single-use plastics can be as easy as not buying products that are mostly water.

Leaf Juice is now slowly eliminating the liquid products and producing them in a solid form so you, the customer, can just add water

The results in a reduction in shipping weight that lowers the carbon footprint by 10X. Each time you buy a refill, one less plastic bottle ends up in our oceans or landfills for the next 500 years. 

Imagine if every consumer just added their own water! While the effort may seem small, the results and impact on the environment multiplied by all of us are huge. It’s just plain common sense, and the time is now.

Less Water Means More Ingredients

While I have talked about the Planet-friendly aspect, let’s talk about the people friendly side of things too. 

We use as much and as many plant-based products, natural oils, and real essential oils as we can so you are getting what’s best for you as well as the planet. It came from nature, it goes back to nature. 

For example when you look at the Butterfly Pea Flower body wash it’s blue! But not because we add fake colouring. It’s blue from the actual flowers which you can visibly see. 

What we need at this point to grow further is a voice, from you the customer if you agree and love what we do, help spread the word, shout it out! Nothing works better than your word of mouth. 

Maybe the joke really is a Polish Guy Walked into a Shop and made an impact and helped change human behaviour, which then changed consumer habits for the better.

Think about the water content of the products you buy and you’re already part of the movement.

So please, just add your own water!

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